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Mentoring Programs

Drive your companies’ Talent Development achievements by leveraging managers and mentors to provide remarkable development of employees, while they grow themselves.

Consider these one-day workshops for your organization:

Masterful Mentoring

Make Development Your Business

A one-day workshop for supervisors,
managers and leaders

Masterful Mentoring

 A one-day workshop for new
or experienced mentors


Make Development Your Business: Develop Employees Everyday While Getting Results

A one-day workshop for supervisors, managers and leaders  

Imagine your managers equipped with know-how to generate impressive gains in workforce capabilities, tucking developmental practices into their management routines without adding more work to their load. Aligning your managers’ developmental actions with department goals, results in both increased employee skills and greater performance results.

This hands-on workshop cuts to the heart of what it takes for managers to develop employees so they can take on more complex and bigger assignments, while requiring less supervision. Your managers will no longer need to choose between driving for performance OR developing employees. Managers will learn the magic of applying three specific Exceptional Development Practices using case studies, small group discussion, peer coaching, and tools. They will leave the workshop with a plan to immediately apply this manager-driven, performance-centered development with their employees.

Workshop Objectives
  • Increase ability to develop others that go well beyond typical coaching and performance management.

  • Apply the behaviors in their daily routine that “makes every day a development day” for their employees

  • Gain insight into unlocking the deeper aspects of employee development for more significant growth rather than incremental performance improvement

  • Shape their work environment to drive development for their entire work team

  • Use hands-on activities to plan for immediate action with their employees

  • Building your own skills to help others’ grow theirs and, Identifying specific near term opportunities to work with employee(s)

 “In a meeting with my staff, I resisted the temptation to solve a customer service problem myself. Instead, I requested that my staff conduct research and come back with a solution. I found a new, more developmental approach right in the path of my daily work.”


Manager, Global Packaging Firm

Your Business

Masterful Mentoring 

 A one-day workshop for new or experienced mentors

Elevate the impact of your mentoring program to become one of the top drivers of development in your company. Those who are the most masterful consistently achieve remarkable results with their mentees, even through the type of difficulties that cause other mentors to be less than enthusiastic or to simply drop out.  These mentors create the right conditions and take deliberate steps, (and perceptively avoid missteps) which provides a sustained healthy, developmental mentorship that spurs growth both for their mentees and themselves. This workshop is highly interactive and will introduce participants to practical tools and prepare them for successful mentoring that is focused on deliberate development

Workshop Objectives
  • Unlock your own motivation for mentoring,

  • Collaboratively shape a learning contract with mentee

  • Confidently ask the right type of thought-provoking questions for varying situations

  • Provide a safe and rich environment for in-depth conversations and self exploration

  • Leverage day-to-day work experiences as a learning lab for new behaviors

  • Ready mentee to take risks, try new behaviors, and reach for bigger aspirations

  • Address and succeed with mentoring relationship challenges

  • Successfully bring closure to the mentoring, identify progress made, and identify ways to sustain the growth the mentee has achieved

Masterful Mentoring

Keynote Presentations for your corporate events

Wendy provides live keynote presentations for corporate meetings and events. Past titles include:

"How exceptional managers develop talent everyday"

"Cultivate managers to become your partners in talent development"

"The five myths that are killing your talent development"

"The secrets of managers who use psychology to develop people"

"Create a strategically driven mentoring program that delivers remarkable results"

"The five practices used by masterful mentors"

Keynote Presentations

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