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Executive Coaching Services

Many avenues of development help you grow as a leader, but few approaches are as personally tailored to the crucial moments of your career as Executive Coaching. Through the process of Executive Coaching you will understand your capability set at a much deeper level. And, you will focus on both growing skills, as well as prioritizing what actions will be most important to your success, and your team’s success. You will take part in an engaging, collaborative process, which supports your transformation, increases your abilities, and ultimately increases fulfillment in your career.

Services Offered

Executive Coaching Services Offered

One–on-one coaching is tailored to your needs, and the organization’s interests in your growth, whether it is related to succession management, strengthening a cadre of leaders for the leadership pipeline, or addressing specific performance skills needed for your future success. Practical yet highly effective resources are provided to the client. Behavioral measures are put in place to track progress and identify successes.


Focus is on: identifying ways to increase strategic perspective; creating new relationships and partnerships; reading the environment of industry trends, company landscape and workforce; identifying additional capabilities required, and letting go of tactical work.


Focus is on: supporting self discoveries to identify distinctive strengths and uncover blind spots, identifying aspirations and priorities for your growth, building new capabilities by field-testing new approaches and behaviors, using important sources of feedback to help fine tune new skills, and creating success with performance obstacles.


Focus is on: identifying ways accelerate your assimilation into the new role, creating a plan which prioritizes where your energy will be focused and avoiding hidden missteps, identifying early wins, establishing your leadership approach with your new team, building trust and influence with your new set of stakeholders.  


Focus is on: understanding your current interpersonal impact with others, increasing self awareness, raising insight about what “holds you” in your current approach to interactions, identifying work situations that require a higher level of EQ and practicing new skills, learning practical approaches to use every day, achieving better outcomes by increasing effective interactions with clients, peers, executive team and team members.


Focus is on: supporting self discoveries to identify distinctive strengths and uncover blind spots, identifying aspirations and priorities for your growth, building new capabilities by field-testing new approaches and behaviors, using important sources of feedback to help fine tune new skills, and creating success with performance obstacles.

The Phases of Executive Coaching Typically Include: 

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Focus is on:  introduction of the leader and the coach; clarify the purpose and benefits of the effort; first face to face meeting; discuss background information about the Leader and the current business situation; identify ground rules for the process of executive coaching; establish confidentiality rules; meet with his/her manager and HR Business Partner to confirm the level of their support and involvement.

Phase 1

Phases of Coaching

Qualification and Certifications

Wendy has a PhD in Organizational-Industrial Psychology. As a business woman, she has worked as a Corporate HR Executive, interfacing with the C-Suite, helping the company to address challenges of:  competitive positioning, performance processes, strategic planning, innovation, establishing a new corporate culture, integration of business units, re-organizations, succession management, and leadership development.

She began coaching executives in 2005 and is certified in numerous coaching assessments, tools and organization diagnostics which include the following:

Conversational Intelligence®

For Coaches


Inventory of Leadership Styles (ILS)

Organizational Climate Survey (OCS)

Talent Q Dimensions


Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI)

Myer Briggs Type Indicator

VOICES 360 Feedback


My Coaching Philosophy

Use the art of high-gain questioning… I use questioning and explorations with the leader to focus on the areas that will likely cause breakthroughs in awareness and behavior. Then the leader learns how to use this approach with their employees as well.


Encourage new perspectives..….Together we look at situations to reframe and rethink an appropriate response.  If my client feels completely heard, they will be more likely to try on a new vantage point in seeing the workplace and relationships. Without being fully heard, they must first push to ensure I understand them.

Navigate toward high impact results guided by your development objectives. While coaching conversations may cover many topics, during each meeting we will identify how progress is being made toward new mindsets and behaviors that lead to accomplishing the goals.


Create an environment where the clients feel they can say anything with no need to guard your  words; no defenses required.  This enables you to feel safe and more willing, with my support, to take risks.

Avoid “performance correction” conversations. Telling and selling a leader into new behaviors rarely sticks, especially if old behaviors are deeply embedded. It is much better if the change is initiated by your deep self insight, an honest look at the impact you are having, and a desire to bridge the gap between current and desired impact. This creates lasting behavior change.

Sample Engagements

Sample Engagements

Sr. Vice President, Middle Markets, Fortune 50 Insurance company; goals were to build leadership by creating greater collaboration between HQ strategic units and regional sales organizations and create a high performance culture by attracting, developing and retaining talent. Following the coaching, this client successfully took on a significantly larger leadership role.


Managing Director, Asset Management Firm; goals were to transition from his legacy of renowned technical expertise to become a broad and influential member of leadership team, as well as become a more developmental leader for his team. This client now serves as part of the top executive team.


Vice Presidents of a Global Pharmaceutical company; responding to evolving business landscape, to ensure effective execution of a new business model which integrated multiple operations in several countries. Resulted in smooth organizational transition with staff members in new roles, new teams, primed for results.


Wendy is simply the best Management Consultant I've encountered. She provided exceptional expertise and guidance to a critical process initiative during a structural re-organization to the R&D physician group at our company. She immediately understood what we needed to accomplish, took the lead, and drove the process to completion. Her intuition, experience, interpersonal skills, follow through, and professionalism are super impressive. She understands what clients need, and knows how to "get it done". She has my highest confidence and recommendation - absolutely superb! 

Engage With Wendy for Executive Coaching

Wendy Axelrod PhD


Phone: 215 654 0991

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